Electricity generation system through the photovoltaic process (Transformation of Solar Energy into Electric Energy)

  • Detailed study of the energy potential of the site, according to the location and incidence of shadows, throughout all seasons of the year
  • Project executed with excellence, meeting all national technical standards and specific requirements of each energy concessionaire in all states of Brazil
  • Installation performed with quality and professionalism, from the mechanical fixing of the components to the electrical interconnection to the dealership network

Micro and mini generation of Electric Power

  • Commercial, industrial and residential
  • Installation on roofs or land, with fixed or mobile systems (solar tracking)
  • “Solar farms”, for the sale of energy through the Free Energy Market or other form of financial gain from the electricity produced.

Maintenance and cleaning of photovoltaic panels

  • Mechanical and electrical inspection and maintenance of the installation
  • Periodic cleaning of the panels
  • Online monitoring of system performance