Complete Building Renovation and Maintenance

Through the visit to the site or a scope, we analyze the activity and propose the best form of excuse, supplying all the materials necessary for the execution of the service and the respective labor.

We perform from a small refrorma, or a corrective / preventive maintenance, even the execution of a new work.

Masonry, Hydraulics, Electrical, Locksmiths and Painting

Masonry: demolition and construction, placement of coverings (floors and walls), ceilings, drywall and roofs

Hydraulics: plumbing, fire prevention systems, collection and drainage systems
Electrical: installation of electrical network, logic, SPDA and solar energy
Locksmiths: construction of grids, artifacts and metallic structures
Painting: conventional and in height, and textures

Architectural and Complementary Projects with the respective Approvals

Elaboration of architectural projects, physical and financial schedule of the work, electrical, hydraulic, drainage, SPDA and solar energy projects.

Prepared by professionals registered with CREA and approved by the respective legal bodies.

Renovation and Execution of Roofs and Gutters

Identification of leaks, analysis and proposal of solutions to make the renovation / maintenance feasible. As well as the execution of new roofs and gutters.

Alteration of Industrial Layout – Civil, Electrical, Hydraulic and Locksmiths

We provide all the services necessary for physical alteration of the layout, which includes everything from the movement of equipment to the construction of the new space, including electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic activities.


Service aimed at private and public companies, with specialized and legalized labor;
Fast and quality execution;
Organization and cleaning of the construction site;
We provide labor and material;
ART issue when necessary;
Proper disposal of waste.