Handling / Transhipment of Products and Components

It consists of moving and transferring packages from one point to another in the factory, from receipt to dispatch, and can also act in the production process, supplying lines. In transshipment, we change the packaging to suit the production process and / or stock.

Receiving, Conference and Shipping

The activity consists of receiving and then checking the goods accounting and physically, giving the address according to the client’s procedure. At the other end of the process, the product is shipped, where the recipient of the product is checked, moved and made available for transportation.

We adjust to serve each customer according to their internal flow.

Warehouse and Inventory

We store received products that are addressed according to the procedure. We collect products from stock to make available to the production line. We also carry out the inventory, either in stock or on receipt, according to the frequency determined by the customer.

Design, Construction and Renovation of Racks and Packaging

We develop projects and build packaging and racks, customized and adapted to each need. We also renovate these structures in order to reduce the cost of purchasing new packaging and racks, optimizing your stock. We can also make prototypes and serial packaging.

Cargo Mooring

This activity consists of carrying out the entire process that includes cargo mooring – inbound check list, mooring and outbound check list – according to the type of product and transportation of the client, following CONTRAN rules. A specific project and work instructions are defined for each client, meeting their needs. This service can be performed in carriers or industries.

Entry check list: evaluates the condition of the vehicle whether or not it can be loaded.

Exit check list: registers the conditions of the mooring and validates the release of the vehicle.

Storage and File Center

Space rental, product movement management and document file management.